10 of the Most Shared Funny Pictures
These are some of the most shareable pictures on Weird Nut Daily (521-530)
Dog twisted up in window blinds: Its cool, its cool. I got the fly.
HUGE wine glass.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry... I site facts!
Squirrel with wolf's head
Cat sitting on dog and plotting to take over the world
Little boys at lunch: Yo' Mama is so fat when she walked by the TV I missed 3 episodes!
Tiny monkey pointing to his right "Yeah, I saw him, he went that way..."
Best Western Motel Sign: Imaginary Friends Stay Free.
Shoes in line: That's the way... to stand in a row.
Shocked Nun Dolls: 4 Great Religious Truths. 1-Muslims don't recognize Jews as chosen people. 2-Jews don't recognize Jesus as the Messiah. 3-Protestants don't recognize the Pope. 4-Baptists don't recognize each other at Hooters.
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