10 of the Most Shared Funny Pictures
These are some of the most shareable pictures on Weird Nut Daily (1201-1210)
One day on mercury lasts approximately 1408 hours, the same as one Monday on Earth.
Bottle of orange soda with Coca Cola label in flats of Fanta soda.
Rat looking at a bat: OMG! An Angel!
Toddler changing a big rig wheel: Stand back guys, I got this shit.
Three girls passed out in funny positions with bottles of booze around them: Irish Yoga.
Funny looking dog. Stephen with a "ph", came out spelled "Phteven".
Huge fluffy white rabbit.
Sign: We have video. We know where you live. If you don't pick up after your dog, we'll send our grandson to poop on your lawn.
"What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean?" I don't know, love you, talk to you later. "OK, I will ask your sister."
Man with mustache shaved out of his chest hair.
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