10 of the Most Shared Funny Pictures
These are some of the most shareable pictures on Weird Nut Daily (1401-1410)
Door lock scratched in different areas. Outer ring "drunk", middle ring "tipsy", center ring "sober".
Man with beer belly pulling up his shirt to show off a six pack of beer tattoo.
Woman looking at empty piggy bank: I got 99 problems and money could solve at least 73 of them.
Man with milk carton strapped to his chest and a baby in his arms.
Two hot dogs on plate. One looking "shocked", the other with a piece cut off looking "dead" with ketchup everywhere.
Tired parents and sibling with wide awake baby: Guess Who??? Kept everyone awake last night???
Mothers responsibly pushing their toddlers in strollers. Dads walking and holding their toddlers upside down by their ankles.
C3PO reading "Playbot" with shocked look on his face.
Sale Sign - For Sale, parachute only used once, never opened.
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