10 of the Most Liked Funny Pictures
These are some of the most liked pictures on Weird Nut Daily (31-40)
Little girl running away from Prince Charles.
Big dog on couch trying to get away from small dog. Small dog: Come back down, I won't hurt you, I was just kidding.
Line of brooms against wall: Who said that women can't park?
You got to be kidding me... What pet cemetery did you dig this thing out of?
Hippo chasing man down: Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ? Sir?
Cat pulling turkey off counter: It was gonna jump! I'm holdin' it back!
Shocked Dog: You just let all these people in without smelling their asses?
Chihuahua: I'm not saying you're stupid. I'm just saying you've got bad luck when it comes to thinking.
If you love something set it on fire if it... no wait is that right? Sh*t! Be right back...
Dog Snout: Whatcha Doin?
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