10 of the Top Political Pictures
These are some of the best pictures on Politicomments (31-40)
Circle graphs showing the NYPD's low yield of stops vs. seizures and broken down by race.
Obama conspiracy theories: Muslim/terrorist, Kenyan/not one of us, Radical leftist, Power-mad dictator, Sham/Wierdo/Pervert.
If you blame all Muslims for terrorists, then you have to blame all Christians for the Westboro Baptist Church, the Crusades, pedophilia, priests...
Whever one person stands up and says, "Wait a minute, this is wrong," it helps other people to do the same.
U.S. Capitol: Republicans are Red, Democrats are Blue, Neither one of them gives a f*ck about you.
Every Muslim is responsible for terrorism in the same way every Christian is responsible for abortion clinic murders (which, by the way, is also terrorism).
Senator arguing criminals won't submit to background checks. Jon Stewart pointing out the craziness that is in people getting elected to office who don't believe in the power of laws.
War is a racket, only one international in scope. Profits are reckoned in dollars and losses in lives. More military personnel should realize they are being used by the elite as a goon squad.
Pie graph of excuses conservatives make when facts prove them wrong: Liberal Media Bias, Blame Game, Attack on Science, Personal Attack on Source, Conspiracy Theory, We Might be Wrong (tiny percentage).
I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. - Jay Gould, Robber Baron - Got Solidarity?
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