10 of the Top Political Pictures
These are some of the best pictures on Politicomments (841-850)
Picture of John Boehner as a crying clown
Sarah Palin in a flag bikini with a rifle
Put the politicians on minimum wage and see how fast things change
What sort of person does not think there is anything wrong with asking the folks that are tasked with teaching our children to take a 20% cut on a $50,000 annual salary, but think it's a terrible idea to ask millionaires to pay an additional 3% in taxes?
We've socialized losses and privatized gains. That's not capitalism; that's not a market economy.
Dick Cheney: The Root of All Evil
Red.white.blue photo of Gary Johnson "Liberty"
Red.white.blue picture of Sarah Palin "NOPE"
Drama Queens: Because Dull Moments are Overrated
Join the U.S. Oil or Food Program Face it: You can't afford both
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